Gas fireplaces

Stoves and fireplaces from recognized brands, meet the new technology in safe and environment standard.

Installations carried out by qualified, experienced and attentive staff who will offer you  professional service.

For comfortable and even heating, a gas fireplace is an easy solution that requires less maintenance than a wood fireplace. It also takes up less space, and can be embedded in the den of an old wood fireplace. It is also much cleaner, does not produce ashes and does not require trips of wood through the house. A choice to consider for a warm atmosphere without all the work.


We offer a complete range of gas fireplaces, for every taste and budget.

Whether you are looking for a fireplace that can heat the house, or simply decorative, a more modern or traditional style, our specialist will find the product that meets your criteria.

From multi-facades, to inserts, we have what it takes to create the decor of your dream for your home.

We offer Heat N Glo gas fireplaces.