Widest Heat-pump choice in the Outaouais region

The heat pump can be used as a heating and air conditioning system. However, with our cold winters, a heat pump can not meet all your heating needs. It must be combined with another type of heating. There are several factors to consider before choosing a heat pump model, whether central or wall mounted. Call on our experts to make an informed choice.


Heat Pump Promotion Gatineau Ottawa


central HEAT-PUMPS

thermopompe centrale York  thermopompe centrale Trane

thermopompe centrale Ameristar

Wall-Mounted Heat Pump

Thermopompe murale Fijitsu Gatineau Ottawa  Thermopompe murale Gree Gatineau Ottawa

Thermopompe murale Haier Gatineau Ottawa  Thermopompe murale Trane Gatineau Ottawa

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